Guideline (please read attentive! in case if your submission will be out of our rules, we will reject your submission automatically!) –

– Participation is completely free of any charges
– Song must be from current year only
– One song per band (unless we are huge fans of your band)
– Song must be not more than 10 (ten) minutes long
– Song must be only in WAV format
– Genres we accept: Thrash metal, Death metal, Black metal, Speed metal, Heavy metal, HardNHeavy, Power metal, Gothic metal, Industrial metal, Doom metal, Brutal Death metal, Grindcore, Epic metal. NO rap, nu etc!

How to submit: – send us 1 song in WAV format + band pic OR artwork (1400 x 1400 pixels minimum (bigger is better)) + contacts + FILLED and SIGNED permission (example text comes in message footer) in zip or rar archive through WeTransfer, DropBox etc to fornews666 [@] gmail [.] com.

Next thing – MONETIZATION of your song: if you want monetize your song, just add choose “want” when signing permission. How does monetization works – if you want we put “buy this track” for your song, we’ll, the percentage is next: we’ll put 0,99 Eur price for your track, with all Bandcamp and PayPal fees there is around 0,80 Eur left, so, we’ll share this sum and you’ll get 0,40 Eur for each sold song.

The compilation will be published on our portal, shared through all our social media profiles + compilation will be widely promoted by Grand Sounds promotion through all their channels.

Hereby I’m (your name and surname) confirm that I have all copyrights for(song title, band title). With my permission – Antichrist magazine portal can use above mentioned song for free digital compilation (only).
I also (won’t) (want) to monetize my song on this compilation with 50% fees condition from constant sum 0,80 EUR.