1) Who are you? Are you guys into black metal only?

– We are Antichrist magazine. And we are NOT into black metal only, we mainly working with the music from Hard-Rock up to Brutal death metal! Most of all we like old-school tunes – Thrash / Doom / Speed / Heavy / Death / Black metal

2) Do you have a paper version of your mag?

– We have HAD, since 2003 we released paper magazine, but now, due to dangerous state of our country we stopped to do paper magazine and running web verion instead, we launched it end of November 2014

3) Where are you located?

– Our head office is in Ukraine, but since magazine is in English, general audience comes here from EU, USA, Oceania etc

4) Can you guys write review our demo/album?

– Yes we can! BUT!:
– ASK first!
– do NOT send us mp3’s in e-mail etc! Such messages will be ignored and marked as spam!
– When you submitted stuff for review!:
– do NOT ask “was it reviewed yet?!”, because we actually receive loads of stuff for reviews, WHEN it will be written – you WILL receive the link!

5) Can you guys review our album on priority condition?

– Nope! But you can always ask to send us physical stuff for review, so we’ll review it without delays.

6) Can you guys make an interview with our GREAT band?

– do NOT even ask such things! IF WE WILL decide to do an interview with a particular band – WE WILL contact YOU directly!

7) Why you guys won’t place my banner/ad for free at your site?

– because we do all for our own costs, pay for unlimited space hosting etc. If you want to place your ad, please check “advertise with us” menu and read our CHEAP as hell prices. All money you’ll pay us – will be spent for hosting costs, no more no less.

8) I want write some reviews/interviews for Antichrist, will you pay me some money?

– I’m sorry – but no. Why – read previous q/a.

9) But why do I have to do it “for free”?!

– You don’t! If you want to write for us, you’ll be able to express your own thoughts about beloved albums, also you’ll get all the albums before it’s official release date! Plus you’ll be able to do interviews with your favorite bands, by phone, on skape or via mail.

10) I’m professional writer/photographer, I want write about some gigs or festivals. But what I’ll get in return?

– If you are a professional writer/photographer – you’ll get accreditation to the festivals, like Hellfest, Wacken etc, i.e. you’ll visit it for FREE. i.e. NOT buying tickets, and will have access to the musicians etc. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

If you have any additional questions – do not hesitate to ask, we’ll answer it right here.

Stay with METAL! Aleksandr \m/