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Interview Krysthla

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UK’s Krysthla will release a new album in April entitled ‘’Peace In Our Time’’. Below you can read an interview I had with Neil Hudson (guitar) about the previous Krysthla album, some details about the new album and other band plans.


Cheers Neil, thank you for this interview, how things are going?
Everything is great right now thank you. Looking forward to 2017. It’s looking busy already.

If I am not wrong, you guys started to record the new album…
We’ve actually finished recording the album and it was all mixed and mastered before Christmas and will be ready for release in April 2017. We started writing and recording parts straight after we finished ”A war of souls and Desires”. There’s never any down time with us. New material is constantly being written and assessed as to whether or not it’s good enough to make it onto the next record. We’ve got riffs and beats everywhere.

Before the new album to be finished and released, you have debuted with ”A War of Souls and Desires”, what is this album about? The cover looks nice, who is the artist who made it?
I designed the artwork for both Krysthla albums. I spend a few weeks working on ideas then hone them nearer the time it all needs to be sent for duplication. I also consult with a friend of ours at White Cottage Design just to go over the finer details in the final stages. The topic of the album covers quite a wide range of subjects. Modern day Magik and ritual woven into our political systems and way of life. Transhumanism. Misinformation and the slow constant assault on the senses etc.. There’s always some hidden messages or symbolism in the artwork and lyrics that relates to the songs too. Makes it more interesting.. Each track has a Latin phrase encoded in the lyrics. Nobody has figured them out yet though.

Have you got a good feedback for the album?
The response from the first album has been incredible..! You always hope for a good review or two with some nice words but we were blown away with how well it has been received..! Genuinely very humbled indeed. We never aim to produce anything to please anyone else. We play the music that we want to hear.

Mentioned above about the new album, what other details can you give us about it, beside the recording process?
It’s heavier, haha. I really wanted it to sound different to the first record. Nastier, with less control over the ferocity, just more feral.. We spent more time on the first record making sure everything was as perfect as it could be without sounding too unnatural, but the new record is more relaxed and just seems to burst out the speakers.. It’s also very politically orientated. Aimed at the world and the reality of war. Rich people keep sending poor scared people to do their fighting for them. I think it’s about time we stopped this now.

You’ve been touring in spring with Decapitated, Hate, Thy Disease and Aktaion, how was that tour? Great show btw, it was good to see you all in Bucharest!
It was brilliant. Very hard work with no sleep for three weeks..! All the bands were great though and everyone got on really well which made all the difference. Definitely one of the highlights of our musical careers. Carl (bassist) and myself flew out to Poland recently to catch up with Decapitated and see them on their 20 year anniversary tour. Was good to see them on stage again!

You hit the Bloodstock stage aswell on summer…
Yes. Bloodstock is the best metal festival in the UK right now and to be asked to play the Sophie Lancaster stage was a great honour for us. It really topped the year off considering all that we managed to achieve in 2016. But 2017 is here and we’re ready for more. Bigger, better and heavier..!!!

After the new album will be released, are you planning to hit the road again?
Indeed we are. We’ve got quite a few dates lined up with more in the pipeline. We’re hoping to come back over to Europe again as we had such a good response from everyone over there. Plus it’s beautiful driving through different cities taking in all the different scenery etc.

As you are a band from UK, how do you see Krysthla on the UK’s metal underground scene?
We definitely hit the ground running, let’s put it that way. We’ve all been involved with the British metal scene in the UK for over 20 years so we already had a good idea what we needed to do to get where we wanted to be. We’re definitely aiming at becoming one of the top UK metal bands over the next few years. There are so many great bands in the UK right now too so to be part of this current wave is really exciting and it also pushes you to play your best.

Do you want to close this interview with a message for the band’s supporters? Thank you again and hope to see you soon again. Cheers!
On behalf of the rest of the guys in Krysthla, I would like to offer a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has managed to catch us live, bought a t shirt or an album or even just checked us out online. Every ounce of support is massively appreciated and definitely pushes us on to make even heavier music..!! We’ll see you on the road real soon. Thank you!


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