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Interview Thy Disease

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Last release of the Polish industrial metal band, Thy Disease was out in 2014 under the name of ‘’Costumes of Technocracy’’. Below I had an interview with Syrus, vocalist of Thy Disease, talking about the last album, future album, few information about the other band he plays in, Gnida and other stuffs.


Hi and nice talking with you Syrus! When did you actually join Thy Disease?
The very beginnings of my cooperation with Thy Disease dates back to 2005. I was asked by Yanuary to fill in for Psycho for a few concerts. It turned out quite well, and for the next five years I was a live member of the Thy Disease. During the promotion of the album “Anshur Za” Yanuary offered me to join the team on a permanent basis. I was very happy about that and here I am.

The latest Thy Disease release is the one from 2014, ”Costumes Of Technocracy”,the first TD album recorded with you. What is the concept and the lyrical themes of this album?
On previous albums lyrics concerned about distant future. With new release we focused on what is happening now, on issues we face as society. Of course it is obfuscated by all sorts of metaphors, allowing each listener to find a hidden message.

What feedback this album have gotten so far? How the songs are transmitted to the fans during the live shows?
So far most of the reviews were very positive. Obviously, it’s best to verify songs in live environment. When composing “Cotumes of Technocracy” one of the most important thing for us was making the music suitable for live playing. It seems that we have succeeded because people react very spontaneously when listening to new songs.

Have you started to write new materials for a future album? If yes, how would be the sound of it?
We’re almost finished with recording session, bass and rythm guitars, as well as drums are already recorded. Currently we are dealing with the vocals and samples. The premiere is planned for 2017. Music turned out to be very rhythmical and groovy. Like with previous album, we composed songs with live playing in mind.

You’ve been touring a lot this year over Europe, you had also a tour along with your Polish brothers from Decapitated and Hate, how was that tour? Are you planning a new tour soon?
We’ve known each other for many years and but this is the first tour that we play together. As always, the atmosphere is friendly, you can say that we form some sort of  tour family. As for future plans, we don’t want to reveal the details yet, let’s wait for the release of the new album.

In this tour,you got Pavulon, a great drummer. Why Ireq couldn’t be on that tour?
Unfortunately, Ireq was not able to tour with us because of professional commitments. Pavulon in the past was a member of the Thy Disease and currently plays Hate, choice of who would fill in was clear. Pavulon is a professional drummer, so playing two sets during one gig didn’t make him any difficulty.


You have been active in other metal bands in the past, today you’re active in Gnida since 2012, a different genre than TD, and you have a new album as well called ”A.I.D.S”…
Indeed, last year we released the second album called “A.I.D.S.” . Music is far more brutal than what Thy Disease performes. Gnida was created as a joke during the Russian tour in 2010, where I met the co-founder, Lucass who played the drums in Crionics. The plan was simple: we wanted to play fast, uncompromising mix of grindcore and death metal. After two years, we have been able to release out debut album “S.Y.F.” The response was very positive so we decided to gather and started playing live. In 2013, performed at the Wacken Open Air Festival. Currently we play only few gigs, because each of us lives in a different place, making it difficult for us to rehearse.

What can you tell me about your personal influences?
I look for inspiration in different musical genres. There’s so much of it, so it makes no sense to name specific bands.

To end this interview, would you like to mention something else, maybe a message to the fans?
See you at the gigs! Join us on Facebook, buy CDs and merch because we make it for you!

Thank you Syrus for the interview. Cheers and hope to see you on stage again soon!
Thank you for the interview!

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