Review: Shadowdream- ”The Sunsettler’s Motel”

Review: Shadowdream- ”The Sunsettler’s Motel”

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I waited so much to hear this new masterpiece and here it is, Shadowdream’s new album entitled ‘’Sunsettler’s Motel’’ is finally ready to be heard.


This album is like a story, this is what the 8 songs are suggesting by the title. Maybe you know or not the real story of this album, it actually has one, but now I am trying to tell my opinion and make my own story about this album and I will use ‘’X’’ as being the main character. So let me start:

”Good Evening And Welcome To Sunsettler’s Motel’’– Yes, welcome to this motel, X. Does it looks like something suspicious might happen here soon? Maybe…

“The Sunsettler’s Theme’’- X is having a romantic dinner with a bizarre woman. Is she real? Is this woman someone is he imaging?
*I mentioned ‘’romantic’’ here. Song number 2 sounds like a romantic one actually.


 “The Murder Story Part 1: After Midnight I Heard Someone Scream In The Room”- The ‘’romantic’’ dinner is over, what about X going to his room and relax after a long day? But wait, he heard something, like someone  wad screaming from a room, who was it? Was it the bizarre woman? What is going on for real…

‘’The Murder Story Part 2: The Mysterious Tenant From The 3rd Floor’’- He’s staying same floor. X gets out the room to see what’s going on, suddenly, he sees a shadow on the hallway. Gently stepping on the hallway, X sees someone he recognizes, with his hands…blood stained?

‘’While The Motel Sleeps, Nightmares Are Being Painted’’- Is X going crazy? Did he really see blood on that person’s hands? Does this mysterious person has something to do with the scream X heard? Is there a connection? X is being suspicious, he is trying to find out what’s going on, maybe the bizarre woman…Have something happened to her? Was she murdered by this mysterious guy?

‘’The Hour Of The Wolf, Alpa and Omega’’- Is it the time X will find out who is that mysterious person with blood stained hands? Was it or not the bizarre woman murdered?

“The Obsession Begins Tomorrow’’- Questions after questions, X is going insane, bit paled, dizzy. Does all these things are only is his mind? …but he snapped! Dreaming…reality?

‘’Good Morning And…It Starts Today’’- Slowly his eyes are opening. X sees a light phaze, getting up…Blood stains on his hands, blood stains on his clothes, blood stains… the bizarre woman…

Interesting story I’ve created, do I?
The album has a lot things to be pointed, the sounds, the concept, everything. Shadowdream is a bit different, combining the dark with jazz sounds, the song are trying to keep you excitement, is like you are waiting to see what will happen next, such as in a horror game or movie, any moment something might happen; as mentioned in the little story, song number 2 is like a romantic song: a dark jazz.

I am a Dark ambient lover, most of the ambient music artists use to release an album and all songs sound the same, long minutes the same thing, Shadowdream is not so. Shadowdream’s music is like a story, this music is more than this. Previous album, ‘’Um’’ is same, a dark ambient combining jazz, songs are different, that album is like a story same. But I think I’m done here, I fucking enjoy this album, I was so excited to hear it and I am not at all disappointed.






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