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Welcome to grand sounds promotion!

[12-08-13] Finally, vol. 3 saw the light! Near time it'll be spreaded. Right now - if you want to be part of the next one - do not hesitate to write!

[12-07-13] In a couple weeks Vol. 3 will be released. Here is the final and correct line up for this vol:
01) PHOBOUS "Spiritual Masochism" (from "Ethereal Perception" album 2011)
02) BLAST OPEN "Human Shield" (from "They Destroy Our World" album 2011)
03) INFERNOTION "Dying While Living" (from "Reborn Into Death" album 2013)
04) STONE TELLS "Hellride" (from "Sick 'N Loaded" demo 2013)
05) PENUMBRA SOUL "The Legacy" (from "Blood Red Skies" album 2013)
06) PENETRATION "Chernoballs" (from "Penetration" EP 2013)
07) PAST THE FALL "Behind The Lies" (from "Beggars At The Liars Banquet" EP 2013)
08) HAIDUK "Black Wind" (from "Spellbook" album 2012)
09) MOTH "The Dark Sea" (from "Endless In Motion" album 2013)
10) BLYND "Sins To The Cross" (from "Punishment Unfolds" album 2012)
11) MALEKHAMOVES "Dieu Rendra Justice" (from "Malekhamoves" EP 2013)
12) THE TROLLENBERG TERROR "Damn It!" (from "Dahlia" EP 2012)
13) LIFE MEMORIES "Comfort Among Isolation" (from "Reflects of Melancholy" split w/ Nostalgia 2013)
14) NOSTALGIA "Remembrance of a Melancholic Existance" (from "Reflects of Melancholy" split w/ Life Memories 2013)
15) CUERNOS DE CHIVO "La Novia Zombie" (from "Exterminando A Dios" album 2013)
16) BESEGRA "Master of Attrition" (from "Infortunium" EP 2013)

[22-06-13] Some changes in line-up for Vol. 3, complete line up will be posted ASAP. Now you can preview artwork for this vol.

[14-06-13] Now vol. 3 is in progress. But here we present bands for 4th vol.:

if you want to see your band' name in this list - do not hesitate and book space now.

[30-05-13] ABDUCCION band added. And with this - 3rd vol. is ready to push. So now you can book space for 4th vol.

[22-05-13] STONE TELLS band added.

[15-05-13] DARK FUSION band added.

[10-05-13] PAST THE FALL band added.

[23-04-13] PENETRATION and PENUMBRA SOUL bands added.

[22-04-13] ANARCHY band added.

[10-04-13] INFERNOTION band added.

[02-04-13] FORGER EMACIATED band added.

[22-03-13] DEI ANATHEMA band added.

[08-03-13] FORSAKEN LEGION band added.

[28-02-13] MALEKHAMOVES band added.

[27-02-13] BLAST OPEN band added.

[03-02-13] MOTH band added.

[30-01-13] Phobous band added.

[21-01-13] Pitch Black records and band ILLNATH added.

[16-01-13] Hello! Finally we have started this site. So now you can check all info you could need from the columns! Also, now we started gather bands for next compilation. Feel free to contactus.

Stay metal!


LABELS (list of labels which sponsored its bands)