As you know, Dead Center productions officially closed as a label since 2016 but you still can order some of our back-catalog items here! Support metal, buy physical releases not digital!

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Label discography from Metal Archives:

Band Album Type Year Catalog Format
Aggravator Sterile Existence Full-length 2016 DCP-06116A CD
Wehrmacht Shark Attack Full-length 2016 DCP-06016W CD
Aggravator Populace Destructor Full-length 2015 DCP-A-1015 CD
Ungoliantha Through the Chaos, Through Time, Through the Death Full-length 2015 CD
Deraign Purity in Violence EP 2015 DCP-05915D CD
Wolf Counsel Vol. I – Wolf Counsel Full-length 2015 DCP-05515 CD
Sågverk Sahataan ne Kaikki Full-length 2015 DCP-05615 CD
Capricornus Tenebrarum Et Demonivm at Aeternvm Full-length 2015 DCP-01715CT CD
Fallout H.R. Human Crime EP 2015 CD
VX Sense pietat Demo 2015 DPC-05014 CD
Warcore My War Full-length 2015 CD
Warhawk Down in Hell Demo 2015 CD
Spew World of Shit EP 2015 CD
Ewig Frost Dirty Tales Full-length 2014 DCP-04313 / DM-021-CD CD
Atavisma Where Wolves Once Dwelled Demo 2014 DCP – 04714 CD
Mean Machine Livin’ Outlaw Full-length 2014 DCP-04614 CD
Atavisma Where Wolves Once Dwelled Demo 2014 CD
Nazghor Upon the Darkest Season Full-length 2014 DCP 04113 CD
Master Master Full-length 2014 DCP-04413 CD
Cerebral Contortion Brain Damage Full-length 2014 DCP-04013 CD
Січгарт До зброї Full-length 2013 DCP-03813 CD
Січгарт До зброї Full-length 2013 CD
Cleaver When There’s No More Room in Hell Full-length 2013 DCP-03613 CD
Orange Blossom Jam Mystic Jar of Doom Full-length 2013 DCP-03713 CD
Discarnate Embraced by Death EP 2013 CD
Motor Motor Full-length 2013 DCP-030/12 CD
Raven Walk Through Fire Full-length 2013 DCP-05815R CD
Death Above The Attack of the Soul Eaters Full-length 2012 DCP-034/12 CD
Warhead The End Is Here Full-length 2012 DCP-027 CD
Warhead The End Is Here Full-length 2012 CD
Angel Butcher 25 Years Bleeding Ears Compilation 2012 MSR 016 / DCP 025 CD
Apokalyptic Raids The Third Storm – World War III Full-length 2012 dcp-029/12 CD
Warhammer The Winter of Our Discontent Full-length 2012 DCP-24/12 CD
Aggravator Age of Combat EP 2012 DCP-035 CD
Nuclear Test Biohazard Demo 2011 DCP-22/11 CD
Sanheim Bringer of Death EP 2011 DCP-20/10 CD
Apokalyptic Raids Only Death Is Real… Full-length 2011 DCP 023/11 CD
Inferius Torment …on Eyes of the Dying God Video 2010 DCP-018 DVD
Black Angel / Die Human Race Black Angel / Die Human Race Split video 2010 DVD
Nalvage Worship Dehumanization Full-length 2010 DCP-17-10 CD
Slaughter Brute Human’s Intestine Collapse Video 2009 DCP-012 DVD
Pathogen Blasphemous Communion Full-length 2009 WOD007 / DCP015 CD
Morbid Execution / Empheris Cursed Altars of Sodomy Split 2007 CDP-008 Cassette
Catacumba Legiões do Abismo Ato I Video 2007 DCP-009 DVD
Sinah / Charnel Valley / Angelgoat Sinah / Angelgoat / Charnel Valley Split 2006 DCP-004 CD
Gardarika Волкодав EP 2005 DCP 009 Cassette
Brilliant Coldness Beyond Eternity Full-length 2004 DCP-03 MC Cassette
Brilliant Coldness Beyond Eternity Full-length 2003 DCP-02 CD CD
Aggravator Sterile Existence Full-length 2017 12″ vinyl